An Organized Chaos!

By Workshop Team On February 8, 2016

The Brazilian-born illustrator Fernando Volken Togni created (once again) a hats-off project. A Limited Edition Series of luggage, for global leader Heys. Map Spinners, USA Spinners and Cities Spinners are the names of each collection and each one represents something different.


  • World Map Spinners: They have been designed to showcase different parts of the world, and when put side by side, the entire set combines to form the full world map.


  • USA Spinners: They have been inspired by icons and landmarks, unique to the United States.


  • Cities Spinners: They are uniquely designed to celebrate 3 famous cities, featuring New York, London, and Paris.


Available here


Fernando is a brilliant artist who works with advertising, editorial, fashion, music and design briefs. Some of his clients are Google, Facebook, Ballantine’s, IBM, Audi, Volkswagen, Wired magazine, Orange, M&S and others. You can go through his exceptional work here.