Beyoncé as 1 of the Creativity 50

By Workshop Team On December 21, 2016

Who says 2016 wasn’t amazing? Despite all the chaos, confusion and upset of the past 12 months, Adage saw many bright lights in the creative world and presented the Creativity 50 List.Those who made it in this list do not come just from advertising and marketing, but technology, entertainment, art and more. Each of their stories is a testament to the power of creativity and risk-taking to change the game for the better— no matter your field. Hopefully, they’ll serve as inspiration for you, too, to create fearlessly in the year to come.

Beyoncé made it on that list and this is why…

In February, “Saturday Night Live” ran a short video titled “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black,” making fun of all the white people (particularly among the conservative commentariat) freaking out over her Super Bowl 50 halftime appearance, with its Black Panther-esque fashion statement and not-so-subtle nods to the Black Lives Matter movement. “Quite simply,” as CNN explained it, “she is one of those stars of colour who — until now — has been beyond race for the mainstream audience.”

Queen Bey, naturally, not only prevailed, but triumphed (#boycottbeyonce on Twitter fizzled out and Beyoncé had to add dates to her tour to meet demand for tickets). Just before the big game, she had pulled her own teaser-style move by debuting her new song, “Formation,” along with the highly charged music video directed by fellow C50 Melina Matsoukas that went on to earn an inaugural Music Grand Prix at Cannes this year.

In April, she dropped, “Lemonade,” which would become her sixth consecutive No. 1 album, with a secretly produced clip for each track. Fan and critical response has been nothing less than rapturous. The album earned a “universal claim” score of 92 on Metacritic, and Rolling Stone, in naming it the best album of the year, declared it to be “a soul-on-fire masterpiece, testifying about love, rage and betrayal that felt all too true in the America of 2016.”

By Simon Dumenco (Source)