A long way to Burger King? No problem!

By Workshop Team On March 6, 2016

Burger King had a pretty good comeback to that big, insulting McDonald’s billboard.


Last week, a big buzz was made about that obnoxious and ludicrous (and OK, pretty entertaining) McDonald’s billboard in France that displayed absurdly lengthy driving directions to the nearest Burger King drive-thru. The point, of course, was that McDonald’s (just 5 kilometers away from that particular location) is always there when you need it, while BK (258 km away) just isn’t.

But given Burger King France’s own irreverent marketing through ad agency Buzzman, we fully expected some kind of response to the McDonald’s stunt. And here it is—a new video that shows the McDonald’s billboard, and how one couple driving past it apparently reacted.

Check out the video here:


Yes, BK has smartly and comically turned the issue from one of simple availability into one of exclusivity. While freely acknowledging that it has fewer locations, BK is flattering its customers by suggesting they have better taste and are willing to go farther, quite literally, for BK’s food.

It seems the burger wars are fully on in France. Your move, McDonald’s.

See the original McDonald’s board below:



Client: Burger King France
Marketing Project Managers: Bérénice Charles, Carole Rousseau
Agency: Buzzman
President and Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice-President: Thomas Granger
Associate Director: Julien Levilain
Copywriter: Benjamin Dessagne
Copywriter Assistants: TBWA\Paris, McDonald’s France
Artistic Director Assistant: Pierre-Olivier Dezeque
Account Managers: Pierre Guengant, Loïc Coelho, Clémence Gateau
Social Media Managers: Julien Scaglione, Loris Bernardini, Marie Le Scao
Communication and PR Managers: Amélie Juillet, Clara Bascoul-Gauthier
TV Production: Vanessa Barbel, Margaux Despointes, Benoit Crouet