Céline Dion promotes her new gender-neutral clothing line

By Workshop Team On November 16, 2018

Céline Dion wants to shape future generations’ minds with her latest project: a gender-neutral clothing line.

The Canadian pop star announced the launch of Celinununu yesterday, a partnership between Dion and kids fashion brand Nununu. In a statement on the brand’s website, Dion and Nununu’s Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg say that they want to create clothing that “breeds equality and freedom of spirit, serving as a platform for a new humanistic education.” The line, which is available online now, features more than 70 pieces of clothing, including tops, dresses, bottoms and blankets, for kids aged zero to 14 years old.

Dion has also released a short commercial to promote Celinununu in which she struts into a hospital to put a room full of newborns into her new clothes — an action that later gets her arrested. “Oh, come on, I’m Céline Dion, I’m not spending the night in jail!” she thinks to herself before running away from hospital security. Even though Dion’s new project is making an important point on gender politics, you can always count on the songstress to show off her signature sense of humour.

Watch the commercial below.