Hilarious Ikea Commercial

By Workshop Team On August 19, 2016

IKEA’s newest commercial gives us a peek into the 18th-century version of posting to Instagram. In the Swedish furniture chain’s ad, a bourgeoisie family is about to sit down to an elaborate feast — but wait! First, a painter must come in to immortalize the scene in a still life. “It’s a meal. Not a competition,” IKEA reminds us.

This isn’t the first time IKEA has sunk its teeth into parodying pop culture; in 2014, they released a spot-on riff of Apple’s self-serious commercials. Based on their latest Life at Home research, which indicates that our collective concept of home is shifting, IKEA wants to remind us that disengaging from the outside world and appreciating the luxuries of a dinner table have value, too.

And presumably, the chain thinks we’ll be buying that dinner table from them. Watch above.