‘Soccer Match’ in the womb


In Latin America, almost every expectant Dad dreams his child will some day be a soccer star. Estudiantes De Caracas, a professional soccer team and academy that trains the next generation of top players in Caracas, Venezuela, tapped into this with a clever interactive campaign, but aimed at mothers

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The 10 most watched ads on YouTube in April

Kobe Bryant’s retirement ads were as dominant as the NBA star himself on the April 2016 YouTube Ads Leaderboard, presented by Google and Adweek, ranking the most-watched ads of the month on the video site.

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Instagram has a new look

Instagram has a new look, but its users don’t seem to like it.

The photo social media platform got rid of its iconic camera logo and replaced it with a minimalistic design that slightly resembles a camera. The colors are also different. It’s now a combination of purple, pink, orange and yellow hues.

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Samsung wins Marketer of the Year

Samsung Electronics is already a big winner for this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, scoring the award for Marketer of the Year. The brand will be honored during the festival in June.

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Advertising industry on gender equality

Gender equality has been a major topic of conversation at this year’s 4A’s Transformation conference. From the sessions on stage to discussions over drinks, equality seems to be on everyone’s mind. So much so that Nancy Hill, president of the 4A’s, added a last-minute panel last Thursday morning with the goal of having an open, unplugged conversation about diversity.

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A long way to Burger King? No problem!

Burger King had a pretty good comeback to that big, insulting McDonald’s billboard.


Last week, a big buzz was made about that obnoxious and ludicrous (and OK, pretty entertaining) McDonald’s billboard in France that displayed absurdly lengthy driving directions to the nearest Burger King drive-thru. The point, of course, was that McDonald’s (just 5 kilometers away from that particular location) is always there when you need it, while BK (258 km away) just isn’t.

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Phenomenally realistic pencil drawings

No, they’re not photographs. These mind-blowingly realistic images are hand-drawn illustrations. Seriously.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the images in this list are, infact, photographs. But we assure you, they’re not. Each and every one is hand-drawn.

Here, some seriously talented illustrators have pulled out their best pencils and drawing techniques to create some truly exceptional pencil art. Enjoy!

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Social Media Gold

On “Late Late Show” on CBS, host James Corden invited Adele to take part in his recurring Carpool Karaoke segment in a much-hyped appearance — and of course Adele didn’t disappoint. We have to assume that productivity in offices across the world will take a serious hit today as those who missed the broadcast catch up by watching the glorious, ridiculously entertaining segment, which runs nearly 15 minutes, online at their desks.

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Top 10 Print Ads of 2015

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the importance of printed material — both as a content distribution channel and as an advertising platform.

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