Protect your social media accounts!

Lately, many of our friends and/or clients have fallen victim to various Social Media hackers and scammers, and unfortunately lost control of their accounts.

Hackers or scammers can strike in a variety of ways, so we’ve listed the most common ones below so you can be precautious.

Phishing Attacks: Never respond to emails, DMs (Instagram messages), Social Media posts, etc., that ask for personal information, passwords, account numbers or PINs. Official agencies will NEVER ask you for such sensitive information through these avenues.

Suspicious links: An acquaintance of yours who works in make-up sent you a message on Instagram asking you to vote for them in an online contest for… make-up? Don’t click on the link they sent you for ANY REASON! Such links may also be sent to you by e-mail. Always check the sender’s email.

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Why is this Friday so… Black?

Feeling the Thursday blues? Worry not! Black Friday is upon us! A new concept for people in Cyprus meant to urge them to indulge in a crazy shopping spree. So, let’s have a look at the history behind this commercially coloured day!

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A new (online) World!

They say «you cannot become what you want to be by remaining what you are». So… evolving is inevitable. Staying put is not a philosophy we agree much.

Our most recent addition is our new fully responsive, yet comprehensive website. It may look just an ordinary one, however it encapsulates the overall essence of what Workshop really is.

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TheHundred New Season Photoshoot

What a day it was! A room full of fit people (ok… and us), the exceptional team of Studio Charis Evagorou and some hours later…

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